Are you ready for Cherished Blogfest?

Hi CB Fans!  I’m Kate.
I’ve been asking myself, “What object do I cherish the most?
What object has the most memories attached?
What is my most useful object  no, irreplaceable object?
If I could only take one thing (not including loved ones) with me in a pinch,
what would I take if the place were on fire?”  Let’s pretend I’m Superwoman…
nah, that won’t do because (I’m sure comic fans will know) Superwoman wound
back into time so she didn’t have to decide, you, know, in THE pinch.

Anywho, I’ve found my cherished object!

um-hmmm, like i own a money. you guys are easy!

um-hmmm, like i own a money. you guys are easy!

cherished-badge16Paint or sketch (if you are an artist),
photograph, and ‘splain your cherished object.
(Wow, a painter can get away with
less than 500 words… show don’t tell!)
We’ll be captivated!
Read what others say about theirs.
Plus, this year I’m going to be a bloggy-reader-gal
(aka co-host) and visit participant’s pages!

Make Dan AntionDamyanti BiswasPeter Nena,
Cheryl Pennington, Mary Giese, Sharukh Bamboat,
and me busy, reading until the wee hours!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you; you’ve had enough time.
In seventeen days tell the world about your favorite object and the story behind it.
I double-dog-dare you…

When the Cherished Blogfest goes live on the 29th,
enter your blog post entry into the Linky List.  July 29th, 30th or 31st 2016!
Pass the word!
#CBF16 (for you twits on twitter) or #cherishedblogfest!

(Thanks to wikipedia for the Monet.)

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5 thoughts on “Are you ready for Cherished Blogfest?

  1. A J

    I’m still mulling over what my cherished object will be. I may have found one to write about but since there’s still a whole bunch of days left till the 29th, that very well may change! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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